iPhone 13 Leaks Have Begun! 120Hz, Tiny Notch, Bigger Cameras, No Port!


2021 iPhone 13 leaks have begun! 120Hz Always On Display, slimmer notch, larger camera sensors, no lightning port, smaller batteries & more early leaks! + AirPods 3 design leak, AirPods Pro 2 & AirTags release date.
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  • Tom _
    Tom _20 小时 前

    6g? We haven't even done 5g properly yet..

  • OWS Crazy2
    OWS Crazy26 天 前

    First the headphone jack, NOW THE CHARGING PORT?

  • shoaib nasir
    shoaib nasir7 天 前

    When new iphone coming

  • Indu K
    Indu K11 天 前


  • Janet Jason
    Janet Jason13 天 前

    At first i thought is a joke until Clinton hacks on Instagram help me to ship one iPhone 12 pro max to my address and it's working perfectly

  • S_P_L saran 786
    S_P_L saran 78614 天 前

    Bro l need iPhone 12pro max giveaway

  • Zay T.
    Zay T.18 天 前

    No ports? Thank you, next

  • Kylex
    Kylex22 天 前

    if they are gonna put 120hz on the iphone 13 at least they need to improve the battery and increase the mAh otherwise the phone is gonna die so quick

  • Abhinav Krishnan
    Abhinav Krishnan23 天 前

    no port then how can i charge it shit then i earlier thought i was going to buy it

  • SHABBIR Rahman
    SHABBIR Rahman24 天 前

    i love your vidios ♥♥ im from bangladesh plz gift me 1 mobile phone......!!!

  • MLG swaggyboi21
    MLG swaggyboi2124 天 前

    if that is the actual camera layout of the Iphone 13, it really will say 🎛️

  • Aorus Mini-ITX RiG
    Aorus Mini-ITX RiG24 天 前

    It will be just same again...

  • Lonnie Farmer
    Lonnie Farmer25 天 前

    Does anyone have a solution for transferring music and movie files directly from a laptop if there's no port?

  • Lina Montoya
    Lina Montoya28 天 前


  • Marcus K
    Marcus K29 天 前

    Whats the screen resoultion gonna be?

  • 305 Epstein Velho
    305 Epstein Velho29 天 前

    iPhone 13 without charging Port Here's what apple is gonna do there gonna remove the charging Port and convert it as a servicing port (where it's use is gonna be only to recover or repair software corruption) which will be fixed inside of the iPhone motherboard, this will make consumer accessing the internal software difficult So apple will nice chance to increase their servicing income Lost or stolen iPhone will be difficult to be used Same with iPad's also By removing the charging Port will allow apple to install touch ID This will allow apple to increase cooling system inside the iPhone also for better performance Also more camera And make it more water resistant

  • Dylan Ole
    Dylan Ole个月 前

    smh looks like the iphone 5

  • Byues
    Byues个月 前

    He’s back!

  • Whitewalker
    Whitewalker个月 前

    Channels dead.

  • Guest BloxYT
    Guest BloxYT个月 前


  • Guest BloxYT

    Guest BloxYT

    28 天 前

    @ツdani nah Ik it not funny

  • ツdani


    28 天 前

    his grandfather died from covid and his mother is still recovering .... that’s not funny whatsoever

  • Guest BloxYT

    Guest BloxYT

    个月 前


  • Ezekiel Uyan
    Ezekiel Uyan个月 前

    What happens to EveryThingApplePro???? Did he go bankrupt because of buying every phone in the world!! Just kidding lol 😂 He’s probably with family but it’s a long time.. take your time bro 😎

  • ツdani


    28 天 前

    his grandfather died from covid and his mother and dad are still recovering .... not funny

  • Srikanth Kanuri
    Srikanth Kanuri个月 前

    Where are you, how is your health? We are really worried

  • Sayful Alam Miah
    Sayful Alam Miah个月 前

    Where are you man ? Been a while your not active anymore. Give us some news!

  • J Nasr
    J Nasr个月 前

    Cases didn’t go so well, maybe going through bankruptcy..

  • J Nasr

    J Nasr

    23 天 前

    @ツdani my condolences to him and his family these are horrible times...

  • ツdani


    28 天 前

    his grandfather died from covid and his mother is still recovering ....

  • Jordan poyser
    Jordan poyser个月 前

    Remember when this guy was relevant in the tech space and actually made consistent content

  • ツdani


    28 天 前

    his grandfather died from covid and his mother is still recovering .... you need to fucking relax

  • zxman1234
    zxman1234个月 前

    I hope you’re doing okay. Missing your new videos already, been ahile we have not hear from you man. Hope you’re stoll okay and make new video soon, I would be very happy. God bless.

  • Aviral Binda
    Aviral Binda个月 前

    My man disappeared like the iphone charger

  • awil farah

    awil farah

    29 天 前

    Btw I subscribe to it channel for that big van bro ✌️😮

  • awil farah

    awil farah

    29 天 前

    Lol Good won😂🤣

  • Faithful Shadow
    Faithful Shadow个月 前

    Plz do deep water test on iPhone 12 pro vs s21 ultra. Same with iphone12 vs Samsung s21.

  • Fahad Km
    Fahad Km个月 前

    Should I buy old iphone se in 2021?

  • Fahad Km

    Fahad Km

    个月 前

    @BB C but, am using only call and WhatsApp

  • BB C

    BB C

    个月 前


    MAHYAR个月 前

    Is he ok?

  • Neil Livingstone
    Neil Livingstone个月 前

    Where are you?? You OK??

  • Dante Everheart
    Dante Everheart个月 前

    What’s different 🙄

  • TP_YYZ
    TP_YYZ个月 前

    Wtf where are you man?

  • Keatin Burleson
    Keatin Burleson个月 前

    Hello come back plz?

  • Sean Shaffer
    Sean Shaffer个月 前

    When are you going to do some more videos I haven’t seen one in a while

  • HappyLife
    HappyLife个月 前

    It's been a monthhhhhhhh, where are you?? We all hope you're doing ok. 👌

  • Matei Marginean
    Matei Marginean个月 前

    Why are u not posting for over a month and a half

  • ツdani


    28 天 前

    his grandfather died from covid and his mother is still recovering ....

  • Eduardo Peguero
    Eduardo Peguero个月 前

    Hello when are you coming back?

  • Imam al Haq - XpertGamer

    Imam al Haq - XpertGamer

    个月 前

    Apparently he’s working on a new vid atm. He’s mostly working on his phone cases though.

  • Julian617
    Julian617个月 前

    You good

  • Elite Alpaca
    Elite Alpaca个月 前

    You should post more often

  • Mangy Has Returned
    Mangy Has Returned个月 前

    Bruh I’m still with my iPhone 11 this thing still works like it’s brand new

  • Zenitsu Agatsuma
    Zenitsu Agatsuma个月 前

    I wonder if iphone 6s will support ios 15

  • Cheah Meng Kit

    Cheah Meng Kit

    个月 前

    iOS 14 is the final update for iPhone 6s

  • Uncle Rich
    Uncle Rich个月 前

    Too distracted with cases

  • Judith Lopez
    Judith Lopez个月 前

    Apple is really behind on the new technology applied to smartphones recently.

  • Dawk Trap
    Dawk Trap个月 前

    Guys stop HES propably not dead bc he’s not uploading does not mean he’s dead or arrested at least not necessarily ok chill..!

  • Chaitanya Pendse
    Chaitanya Pendse个月 前

    R you ok

  • Bot59
    Bot59个月 前

    Where is Lidar scanner?

  • mohit naik
    mohit naik个月 前

    SAMSUNG S10 LITE Waterproof full submerge Test Freeze Test please

  • Rodi Mousa
    Rodi Mousa个月 前

    When the iphone 13 will be released?

  • Chaitanya Pendse

    Chaitanya Pendse

    个月 前

    September or october

  • NightExplorer
    NightExplorer个月 前


  • Max Hoenicke
    Max Hoenicke个月 前

    Where is he?

  • Elías Hernández
    Elías Hernández个月 前

    Like Samsung 🤣🤣

  • Jaylan Pittmon
    Jaylan Pittmon个月 前

    Apple is heading down a shit-hole... so, I’m jumping ship to NOTE21...

  • Jaylan Pittmon

    Jaylan Pittmon

    个月 前

    @Jacob Persaud 👋🏽👌🏽

  • Jacob Persaud

    Jacob Persaud

    个月 前

    See ya 👋🏼

  • Hayatullah Abasi
    Hayatullah Abasi个月 前

    Where are you bro? Waiting for new videos. Hope you be fine bro. Allah bless you where ever you are stay safe and please come back.

  • Genaro Cejudo
    Genaro Cejudo个月 前

    for everyone wondering where he is, he showed up 2 days ago answering comments about the rebel cases on instagram @phonerebel he explained there will be a new video today and that he's been away because of covid

  • Genaro Cejudo

    Genaro Cejudo

    个月 前

    @Jacob Persaud he just did!

  • Jacob Persaud

    Jacob Persaud

    个月 前

    I guess we were wrong he didn’t upload

  • Jacob Persaud

    Jacob Persaud

    个月 前

    @Genaro Cejudo he usually uploads later in the day so I’d expect something around 6 or 7 o’clock EST or maybe later into the night possibly 10 or 11pm EST

  • Genaro Cejudo

    Genaro Cejudo

    个月 前

    @Jacob Persaud I know, I reported what he commented on Instagram, I trusted him and he failed 😭

  • Jacob Persaud

    Jacob Persaud

    个月 前

    He didn’t upload anything yet

  • Willi Hansen
    Willi Hansen个月 前

    This channel is as dead as a dodo

  • MS Dhoni
    MS Dhoni个月 前

    Are u alive tell me..

  • Rana Pro
    Rana Pro个月 前


  • snackerman
    snackerman个月 前

    i jus want them to keep the charging port 😀🛐

  • Prashanth Pai
    Prashanth Pai个月 前

    Knock knock... helloo?!

  • ExperimentalGaming
    ExperimentalGaming个月 前

    For every worried, I was on Instagram, and noticed that phonerebel said “new video on Saturday, COVID man” when someone asked where are you. So hopefully there’s a video coming out very soon (today)

  • N-V- ME
    N-V- ME个月 前

    Hope everything is well be safe

  • TDSS Draws
    TDSS Draws个月 前

    Guys he does post once in a while on his "phone rebel" Instagram account. Those posts are all about his cases tho.... I dunno when or if he's gonna post a new video..😔

  • Dr. pikachu
    Dr. pikachu个月 前

    Plzz vedio

  • Vinicius Jiricó
    Vinicius Jiricó个月 前

    i was missing his videos and came here to check thinking that maybe youtube wasn’t delivering his videos, now im confused...

  • Abdullah
    Abdullah个月 前

    Could anyone explain to me where the f he is?

  • Pranay KHanvilkar
    Pranay KHanvilkar个月 前

    Where are you ?

  • Baldock Family
    Baldock Family个月 前

    When will you have rebel cases for the iphone 12?

  • ayala
    ayala个月 前

    dude where u at

  • Unknown
    Unknown个月 前

    Why do all iPhone renders and concepts still look like iPhone 5s?

  • Seth Swann
    Seth Swann个月 前


  • Myles Tech
    Myles Tech个月 前

    he’s dead rip!!

  • Abdullah


    个月 前

    Go get a live

  • Youssef
    Youssef个月 前

    hey bro, hope you're doing okay

    ÑTRICKSTER ツ个月 前

    this man ruined his Chanel name

  • sachin bharadwaj
    sachin bharadwaj个月 前

    iPhone prices keeps on increasing!!.... buying will be decreased

  • Johnny Lee
    Johnny Lee个月 前

    Bro where u at?

  • Anandkumar
    Anandkumar个月 前

    How are you man?! Hope everything is ok. Your big fan from India.

  • matamqt Mt
    matamqt Mt个月 前

    can i have some for my classs plssssss

  • john patrick julian
    john patrick julian个月 前

    Hope you're okay Filip! We are waiting for your Vids🔥 Don't let Samsung Took over Apple😂✌🏻

  • man guy
    man guy个月 前

    if my corrections are right you should be 19 and born in 2002


    are you Ok?


    where are you bro??

  • Venkat Narayanan
    Venkat Narayanan个月 前

    Thought i have unsubscribed by mistake, but not.. Hope everything is well. Hit up those 13 leaks

  • Issac Evans
    Issac Evans个月 前


  • The Gaming Network
    The Gaming Network个月 前

    My man lost like my lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter.

  • lokesh babu
    lokesh babu个月 前

    Where are you EAP brother I’m really missing your video what happent to you ? Come soon and post a video love from India..

  • Narendra Dwivedi
    Narendra Dwivedi个月 前

    Where are you sir Everything is good

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith个月 前

    Haven’t heard from you in a while... we’re worried...

  • Manish ram
    Manish ram个月 前

    My man, please come back!!! We miss you 😥

  • Korn 9000
    Korn 9000个月 前

    I miss you!!!!!!!!!!! COME BACK PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  • Stephen Rebori
    Stephen Rebori个月 前

    Where are you? I hope all is well! 🙏🏻

  • joshua Gatpolintan
    joshua Gatpolintan个月 前

    Does he have second youtube account?

  • Nik Kalos
    Nik Kalos个月 前

    The lighting port will stay!

  • brokenbutterfly747
    brokenbutterfly747个月 前

    is nice to see that people care more about EAP than the iPhone 13 rumours LMAO

  • Anthony Laracuente
    Anthony Laracuente个月 前

    Since he has over 8 million subscribers, you would think that he would let his subscribers know what’s up

  • H W
    H W个月 前

    Charging port BETTER BE THERE! Cuz I can't stand the ULTRA-SLOW wireless charging! Not to mention it gets the phone SUPER hot! I thought it was gonna explode so I put it in a drawer.......

  • Glizzy Ketchup
    Glizzy Ketchup个月 前

    Bro, where are you?

  • sunny momodu
    sunny momodu个月 前

    Get in contact with #Clerktools001 on INSTAGRAM to get your device unlocked, #INSTAGRAM UNLOCK, #SNAPCHAT UNLOCK, #ICLOUD UNLOCK📱, GETTING OF ACCT BACK ETC.. He's the best and trust worthy 💯☑️

  • Black panther epic
    Black panther epic个月 前

    Iam wondering when will unc0ver support ios14.2 xDit propley wont but it would be cool huh

  • Rick Gabert
    Rick Gabert个月 前

    Filip, where are u, buddy?