Fresh iPhone 13 Pro Leaks! Touch ID, New Lens, No Port, 120Hz & More!


All the latest iPhone 13 Pro leaks. New camera lens design, in-screen Touch ID, no lightning port, 120Hz LTPO display, LiDAR on 13/13 Mini & more!
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  • LDT Nguyen
    LDT Nguyen10 小时 前

    Có không

  • Solokid Ezuzu
    Solokid Ezuzu天 前

    This one is gonna be mad

  • thehegt Tr
    thehegt Tr天 前

    I Don’t think Apple will come out the iPhone 13 may be different name or number because the num13 is not a good number to have on you .

  • Tdr94 19
    Tdr94 19天 前

    The iPhone 12 was a bit of a let down

  • Kayler Anthony
    Kayler Anthony天 前

    Really appreciate the work of *SAM SMITH* on instagram his such a genius he got my iphone 8+ icloud perfectly unlocked within an hour his highly recommended

  • Kayler Anthony
    Kayler Anthony天 前

    Really appreciate the work of *SAM SMITH* on instagram his such a genius he got my iphone 8+ icloud perfectly unlocked within an hour his highly recommended

  • floop k
    floop k天 前

    not sure if i should get the iphone 12 in may (saving up atm) or wait until they release iphone 13 on sept/oct....the only thing that is an upgrade would be the touch id and smaller notch so would it really be worth the wait for 5 months?

  • Savannakone PHOMMAVONGSA
    Savannakone PHOMMAVONGSA天 前

    I hope Apple will come up with the new name i mean instead of saying Iphone 13 i personally have a bad with experience with nr. 13

  • Alfred Mills-Dodoo
    Alfred Mills-Dodoo2 天 前


  • Melvin O. Mercado
    Melvin O. Mercado2 天 前

    People.will not buy iphone with the same looks over and over again people need full screen display not the same display..

  • Emre J.Aydogan
    Emre J.Aydogan2 天 前

    How am I meant to charge my iPhone if I can’t charge via usb in places like buses and airports

  • Driver8
    Driver82 天 前

    Been on the upgrade program since the portless rumors started, guess I’m sticking with my 12 from now on. What a idiotic idea to remove it.

  • mp3talon
    mp3talon2 天 前

    Plz remove front facing camera or make it optional!

  • David DZ
    David DZ2 天 前

    Falundafa is good

  • David DZ
    David DZ2 天 前


  • D
    D2 天 前

    f*** i just bought the iphone 12 pro

  • Aayan Jahangir

    Aayan Jahangir

    天 前

    i bought mine 2 months ago but hey who cares lmao. this phones great

  • Zülal Weneebebe’Army’Moa’Stay’Arianator
    Zülal Weneebebe’Army’Moa’Stay’Arianator4 天 前

    Is the event This September then ???

  • Starchild
    Starchild4 天 前

    How will I charge on the go just eliminating portable chargers....

  • mark richardson
    mark richardson4 天 前

    I have the 11 , it’s really cool 😎

  • Yuh Bru
    Yuh Bru4 天 前

    Your ads is insane. Ruins the video.

  • Robin Kumar S
    Robin Kumar S5 天 前

    It will be very difficult to adapt fully wireless charge phones for not only local travellers but internationally as well.

  • Robin Kumar S
    Robin Kumar S5 天 前

    If ugly notch still coming this year. I’ll get adaptive be to android.

  • Luisanna Fermin
    Luisanna Fermin5 天 前

    that cap because iphone 13 is not out jet

  • suzypie11
    suzypie115 天 前

    I have a question I currently have a iPhone 8S and I want to upgrade to iPhone 12 Pro. I want to use it for filing for my small gardening channel. My concern is I like to use iMovie on my MacBook Pro 2017 high Sierra. I know the 12 has iMovies but I was thinking I’ll like to film with my old phone and new phone for different angles but I’m worried that maybe the footage will be different and not compatible. Can I still use my laptop to edit from film from iPhone 12. I hope that’s makes sense I’m not technically minded and feel like I’m way behind on current apple technology. Thanks in advance

  • kareka
    kareka5 天 前

    The King is Back 💪

  • Aliali3210
    Aliali32105 天 前


  • alexis amaya
    alexis amaya5 天 前

    "All the changes"

  • V
    V5 天 前

    The Upgrades on Apple are a fucking waste of money. What’s new now ? A 4th Camera ? Triangular shaped bezels ? Ridiculous

  • dlw3m
    dlw3m6 天 前

    COVID did not ruin our lives.Government did. Just saying...

  • Alexander Louie
    Alexander Louie6 天 前

    Jeff Poo

  • 꿜리꿀리
    꿜리꿀리6 天 前


  • Saeed Baloch
    Saeed Baloch7 天 前

    How to get this cover of iPhone

  • Min Tombing
    Min Tombing7 天 前

    Hate the camera bump

  • Bitte Lesen
    Bitte Lesen7 天 前

    It has now port and such a low charging speed🤣apple made the bad phones even worse.

  • Bitte Lesen
    Bitte Lesen7 天 前

    How long does it take until apple build a smartphone, which charges with 120w, like with the Mi 10 Ultra? How long does it take until there are IPhones, wich have 16gb ram like the rog phone3? When will Apple build foldable smartphones? When will the pay-apps in appstore get as chea as in Android (now the same apps cost nearly 3x on iPhone)? When will Apple build octa-core Smartphones, like all the other smartphone-companies? When will IPhones finally be able to zoom properly, like the P40Pro? When will in-display cameras and in display-fingerprint come? When does Apple finally come up with the idea of ​​fulfilling their cameras with reasonable megapixel values ​​and 8K video functions? The iPhone 13 pro max would have to come in the next 3 months and cost less than 1000 € in full equipment if Apple wants to be competitive again! And the SE3 would have to be under 100€, cause it is just as good as 100€ samsung A10! It will have an LCD🤣! Even the Nokia N85 had an Oled! Every other smartphone companies sells cheap Oled-Smartphones, but Apple says: Premium-Feature🤣! Even when the IPhone 13 Pro Max would be under 200€, I wouldn't buy it, cause of the expensive apps! You don't seriously want to buy products from the most ridiculous company in the history of digitalization?!

  • Niklas_P
    Niklas_P7 天 前

    I have tested note 10 plus and latest update for iPhone. Should i go in and out of 100 things then it is faster and easier on samsung even though it has 2 systems running on each other. The Apple system is too locked and the phone can do nothing, bad antenna, small battery, design that lags. The only thing Apple can do is create good build quality so that the product lasts for many years, but it does not make sense when we change phone be second year. Apple is for those who think the earth is flat

  • nemonoire
    nemonoire8 天 前

    Welcome back brotha!

  • Ali Kan

    Ali Kan

    8 天 前

    #godrive_hacker on I.G you a blessfull genius tnkz for delivery my iphone 12 pro max

  • VB's Story
    VB's Story8 天 前

    apple is not so good anymore

  • Justin Rudy
    Justin Rudy8 天 前

    I'm on the fence about the removal of the charge port. A lot of youtube and indie film studios use iPhones for blogging and b-roll. Eliminating the port would be abandoning a decent-sized market by making dongle connections obsolete.

  • Ali Kan

    Ali Kan

    8 天 前

    #godrive_hacker on I.G you a blessfull genius tnkz for delivery my iphone 12 pro max

  • Ali Kan

    Ali Kan

    8 天 前

    #godrive_hacker on I.G you a blessfull genius tnkz for delivery my iphone 12 pro max

  • Fireball
    Fireball8 天 前

    But does it run doom

  • Jean-Maurice Bicard
    Jean-Maurice Bicard9 天 前

    Transfer our iTunes songs on our iPhone without a port?

  • Ali Kan

    Ali Kan

    8 天 前

    #godrive_hacker on I.G you a blessfull genius tnkz for delivery my iphone 12 pro max

  • Jean-Maurice Bicard
    Jean-Maurice Bicard9 天 前

    How Apple CarPlay will work without a port?

  • FreeAim Dog
    FreeAim Dog9 天 前

    rip power banks that charge phones if there’s no ports.

  • Ali Kan

    Ali Kan

    8 天 前

    #godrive_hacker on I.G you a blessfull genius tnkz for delivery my iphone 12 pro max

  • Angkasa Motor Chanel
    Angkasa Motor Chanel9 天 前

    By Indonesia😃

  • Cata
    Cata9 天 前

    Over 1k people who have already bought iPhone 12, disliked the video! :))

  • Al-Dawg
    Al-Dawg9 天 前

    bruh why the fuck remove the charging port? thats terrible dude

  • hani jjang
    hani jjang9 天 前

    glad i have my 12, that portless thingy is a no no for me. imma use this phone for 5 years ✋😔

  • Ali Kan

    Ali Kan

    8 天 前

    #godrive_hacker on I.G you a blessfull genius tnkz for delivery my iphone 12 pro max

  • JVL
    JVL10 天 前

    The camera bump tho :/

  • Ali Kan

    Ali Kan

    8 天 前

    #godrive_hacker on I.G you a blessfull genius tnkz for delivery my iphone 12 pro max

  • Ali Kan

    Ali Kan

    8 天 前

    #godrive_hacker on I.G you a blessfull genius tnkz for delivery my iphone 12 pro max

  • Jack Ames
    Jack Ames10 天 前

    oh wow he’s back :)

  • electrosec
    electrosec10 天 前

    All you apple sheep will still buy the portless iphone.

  • Ali Kan

    Ali Kan

    8 天 前

    #godrive_hacker on I.G you a blessfull genius tnkz for delivery my iphone 12 pro max

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  • Steve Stavynzi
    Steve Stavynzi11 天 前

    god bless you and your family, EAP🙏🙏 you’re the goat

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    Jane Jackson11 天 前

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  • iMuZam
    iMuZam11 天 前

    The manual password is the most reliable way as no one can know it unless you disclose it.; I dunno why: they say more security with face-recognition or touch thumb impression as anyone can take the mobile, and it would be easy for him to go inside; for instance, if you are sleeping, your thumb impression can be taken, and you have no idea as you are sleeping like a child. So is the situation with any burglar breaking into your house, and just using your face, he can unlock even if you don't want. Is anyone sharing the same?

  • Grin Cadorna
    Grin Cadorna11 天 前

    Air charger sold separately than no

  • neonegypt
    neonegypt11 天 前

    How do you use apple car play with no port?

  • berniedmj1
    berniedmj111 天 前

    🍎 may end

  • berniedmj1


    11 天 前

    Look it up because it’s there. I can’t attach the article because CNboth is censoring me.

  • berniedmj1


    11 天 前

    Facebook. Google, IG & ETC

  • alda doni sali
    alda doni sali11 天 前

    It was time that iPhone came out with fingerprints, and beautiful iPhone

  • Flammington Studios
    Flammington Studios11 天 前

    Am I the only one who can’t believe there is still a camera bump at all on iPhones? Everyone seems to have accepted it, but I still wish they make the back of the phone completely flat again, even if it means the phone has to be a bit thicker.

  • Andrei Tatarus
    Andrei Tatarus11 天 前

  • Mainiac Archery
    Mainiac Archery11 天 前

    Apple needs too make something like this.

  • Bella Dhimal
    Bella Dhimal12 天 前

    I need Until when iphone13 please tell me????????

    PAIN SLANE12 天 前

    I’m still use IPhone 6plus

  • Matt
    Matt12 天 前

    My god the weight loss. Must have been a shitty time for you mate. Hope you're doing well.

  • HP nganggur
    HP nganggur12 天 前

    My be is e fake

  • Bonita Bonita
    Bonita Bonita12 天 前

    Works w masks..

    MOHAN RAJ12 天 前

    iPhone 11pro vs iPhone 12 which is best

  • Kylea Busch
    Kylea Busch12 天 前

    Apple is really loosing new phone ideas.

  • jayvee capati
    jayvee capati12 天 前

    Lol wtf? How many apple they Intend to make?😂😂

  • astoldbytesh
    astoldbytesh12 天 前

    If they make inscreen touch id i will literally cry. I JUST got the 12 😠

  • It's Dawson
    It's Dawson13 天 前

    Notch? Better home screen with hidden app drawer? No port is a bad idea........all we ask for is USB C FFS!!

  • Renato Myrto
    Renato Myrto13 天 前

    You shipping in europe?

    LA MORGUE13 天 前

    Maybe a cover with lens protection?

  • Boyet Vlog
    Boyet Vlog13 天 前

    For me it is better the whole Lens of the camera the same level of the back cover flat completely, my opinion..

  • Janet Jason
    Janet Jason13 天 前

    At first i thought is a joke until Clinton hacks on Instagram help me to ship one iPhone 12 pro max to my address and it's working perfectly

  • Grendel
    Grendel13 天 前

    If they truly go wireless, its gonna be a huge loss of power when charging as wireless is way less efficient, just saw the whostheboss video

  • Adrian Mrowczyk
    Adrian Mrowczyk13 天 前

    What the purpose of the phone nice materials and talking how thin and slick they are if every single person has to put a cover on it. It’s literally pointless how phones look like You should do cover reviews

  • Fun world
    Fun world13 天 前

  • Jenn - Costumes UFRP
    Jenn - Costumes UFRP13 天 前

    omg like hella depressing.

  • Rogelio Nieto García
    Rogelio Nieto García13 天 前

    Rogelio nieto García iPhone 21 TV Apple

  • rooster sideburbs
    rooster sideburbs14 天 前

    were these drop tested from 100 feet :D

  • Phayoun Houm
    Phayoun Houm14 天 前

    I hate that notch

  • DonnieTheSportsGuy
    DonnieTheSportsGuy14 天 前

    Jesus a Commercial every 2 minutes 😂

  • Jerod Carpenter
    Jerod Carpenter14 天 前

    Skipping the “12s” next year

  • Erick Garcia
    Erick Garcia14 天 前

    I doubt they will remove the charge port. Apple wired car play would become useless ?? Thoughts??

  • Jerod Carpenter
    Jerod Carpenter14 天 前

    Them cameras look ugly as shit, no thanks

  • 2000 Hours
    2000 Hours14 天 前


  • Kenneth Banks
    Kenneth Banks14 天 前

    Y do people care about the notch?

  • Archivist42
    Archivist4214 天 前

    Can’t say I’m looking forward to no port, that completely kills off wired headphones and personally I don’t see an advantage to wireless charging

  • Brett Littrell

    Brett Littrell

    7 天 前

    I really dont understand it. Theres still a damn wire it just gets held on with a magnet? Seems like more of a gimmick than useful

  • Dusty 34

    Dusty 34

    11 天 前

    Wireless is shit. Can't even use your phone when it's charging

  • Two Seasons
    Two Seasons14 天 前

    We are made to believe Samsung and Apple are at war but throughout each company's history they have been sharing parts, hahaha!

  • daunte
    daunte14 天 前

    really hope they keep the charging port. wireless charging may be an inconvenience when u have to use the phone while it’s charging or when ur in the car. all we can do is hope😂💯

  • Vanilla Gorilla
    Vanilla Gorilla14 天 前

    If they actually confirm or have a legitimate leak for a 1440p 120hz display then I'll hold off on picking up an S21 Ultra

  • Jake 07
    Jake 0715 天 前

    I literally just got the 12

  • jrlv62
    jrlv6215 天 前

    So what happens when they move the charging port? How are you going to connect to iTunes if you want to download your music or put ringtones on your phone? This is a crazy idea for Apple! I know I won’t be purchasing a new phone

  • pnky2006
    pnky200615 天 前

    I miss rose gold soooooooopp much

  • Alfredo Gonzalez
    Alfredo Gonzalez15 天 前

    Notch??? Damn

  • Valentino Travel World Walk
    Valentino Travel World Walk15 天 前

    Pre order case are you serious man 😂😂 nice video

  • jason roach jason roach15 天 前

    Why are apple even releasing another phone with a notch there phones already look out dated compared to nearly every phone out there nowadays even cheap phones look better loool seriously

  • Taco Night
    Taco Night15 天 前

    No port? How will this effect AppleCar Play?

  • Tech Issue Solver
    Tech Issue Solver15 天 前

    Is there even gonna be a 13 mini, 12 mini isnt selling that well unfortunately