EXCLUSIVE iPhone 13 Feature Leaks! Always On, MagSafe+ & More!


Exclusive iPhone 13 Leaks Dump! 120Hz Always On Display, MagSafe Improvements, New Matte Texture, Vapor Cooling Chamber, Short Notch & tons more!
NOW SHIPPING: Phone Rebel Gen-2 Crystal cases, $30! Get yours now: phonerebel.com/
Gen-2 Rebel Series with MagSafe compatibility ships next week!
Max Weinbach (Leaker): MaxWinebach
Concept Creator (Designer of insanely intricate iPhone 13 Logic board, camera lens, AirPods 3 & Pro 2 models & more): CConceptCreator
Jon Prossers iPhone 13 Recap: cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/qGV6jZuGYq2u0KQ.html


  • Emil Bejlik
    Emil Bejlik38 分钟 前


  • JcLi
    JcLi小时 前

    so MagSafe to 3.5mm adapter? $19.99+ lol

  • Its Duende77
    Its Duende773 小时 前

    Wtf $30 for a case lol

  • arprokub
    arprokub5 小时 前

    i have to buy 12 or wait 13 ?



  • BaZaR
    BaZaR5 小时 前

    Upgrades we need 1) Better Battery life than 3-5K Mah (12 pro max is descent not as good as 11PM ) 2) Definitely something useful compared to Wide and Ultra lens / Let’s hope this new mode and stabilizer will be amazing like we know Apple can but will they 3 MaG Safe won’t be here long it’s just not something people need/want 4 Definitely a more Affordable line up S20 FE / IPhone 13 Range for people upgrading 5 Touch ID will definitely be a selling point

  • X Finity
    X Finity6 小时 前

    Port-less?? Please no... the MagSafe charges so damn slow...

  • X Finity
    X Finity6 小时 前

    I’m skipping this one, I have the 12 pro max and I love it. I know the iPhone 14 will be more different and I keep saying this but like hopefully that notch gets smaller or disappear soon...

  • khan jee
    khan jee8 小时 前

    Sir give me i phone please

    THUẬN LÊ ĐỨC10 小时 前

    Waiting for ip13 to buy ip12

  • David Livingston
    David Livingston11 小时 前

    Do you sell your products in India or in the east Asia.

  • NEYRON Gaming
    NEYRON Gaming13 小时 前

    can anyone send me an iphone💔

  • Andre Borges
    Andre Borges13 小时 前

    beautiful Nike brand advertisement

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden14 小时 前

    Artisan mouse pad I see you are a man of culture

  • Leontine claudio
    Leontine claudio19 小时 前

    03:32 Amazing, Do you have an iPhone that is locked to icloud ? Now you can use *iRemover* to unlock it, just go to google and search for iremover The familiar Start Menu, which Microsoft replaced with Live Tiles in Windows 8, returned in Windows 10. Users can still access Live Tiles and the touch-centric Metro interface from a panel on the right side of the Start Menu

  • Neil Badia Losada
    Neil Badia Losada20 小时 前

    Are You asking why Apple skipped the 11s naming? Where have you been Man, OMG. Did you know what happened on September 11. I Think that u have to review ur videos to some one else before Making them public.

  • T
    T20 小时 前

    I don’t care if they drop they Lightning port, if wireless charging is fast enough. Imagine loading ur phone in the morning from 2% to 100% while u take ur morning shower or what ever. In this case time wouldn’t be the problem and using it while charging is still possible.... 🤨 so what’s the problem?

  • Mashaireo Williamson
    Mashaireo Williamson20 小时 前

    Apple gives us too little for the money we spend.

  • Mashaireo Williamson
    Mashaireo Williamson20 小时 前

    Your the only one who give us good apple contents, but the notch has been here too long now , that why am now a galaxy person.

  • Jake77
    Jake7721 小时 前

    so all in all everything stays the same

    NCS ARMY FF23 小时 前

    Plzzzz give me new mobile i have 2 gb rank mobile pplzzz give me new mobile plzzzz plzzz olzzzz pkzzzz plzzzz



    23 小时 前

    Gift me new mobile

  • usasupra23
    usasupra23天 前

    This channel has the most commercials !!!!!!

  • Russell Jennings
    Russell Jennings天 前

    How many ads you making is watch man? I’ve hit 4 and I’m half way through the video.

  • Randy Mon
    Randy Mon天 前

    Ima keep my 12 pro max for a couple years

  • Russell Jennings
    Russell Jennings天 前


  • Jrod
    Jrod天 前

    Bruh we just got the iPhone 12 😂

  • Lil Yølø

    Lil Yølø

    8 小时 前

    @Jrod I personally love the iPhone 12 and 11 but it’s preference

  • Jrod


    13 小时 前

    @Lil Yølø I upgraded my iPhone X only reason why they changed the square shape and I like that on the old iPhones but I agree I won’t upgrade till I actually see a difference in design.

  • Lil Yølø

    Lil Yølø

    13 小时 前

    I’m saying and there’s no point to buy another iPhone if you have a iPhone XS, iPhone 11, 11 pro, 11 pro max and the 12 there’s simply no point for new phones right now these phones last more than 6 years you get what I’m saying

  • InjectHD
    InjectHD天 前

    We wanted USB C for years and guess what they gave us? No lightning OR usb c!!!

  • Glk Phan
    Glk Phan天 前

    From Anh Em TV with love🖥🖥🖥🖥🖥📱📲

  • 2Far 2Quit
    2Far 2Quit天 前

    Hey man I have a Macbook Prototype want to do a video about?

  • Michael Cotterell
    Michael Cotterell天 前

    Who else has been watching this guy for 5 years plus now 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Jayden Perez

    Jayden Perez

    2 小时 前


  • TIMOTHY smith
    TIMOTHY smith天 前

    I strongly recommend you to *GUSTAVO_TOOLS* on Instagram he helped me unlock my device in no time , I think you should try him too🙏

  • TIMOTHY smith
    TIMOTHY smith天 前

    I strongly recommend you to *GUSTAVO_TOOLS* on Instagram he helped me unlock my device in no time , I think you should try him too🙏

  • Luke Paraskevopoulos
    Luke Paraskevopoulos天 前

    Gosh might as well go with iPhone 11 pro max not the 12 series by Apple they got u to pay for a piece of crap like a unfinished product go just go with iPhone 13 if u dont like it not having a charging port I’m willing to give it a shot with the iPhone 13 pro lol pretty big leap tho with no charging port but it won’t change much with my battery pack 😂 just means it should be more dust / water proof

  • Hussain Uchu
    Hussain Uchu天 前

    This is true ?

  • Irshad Ali
    Irshad Ali天 前

    iPhone Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Huge Disappointment

  • Irshad Ali
    Irshad Ali天 前

    iPhone battery sucks

  • Kyle Worrall
    Kyle Worrall天 前

    Waiting for no notch

  • Steven pineda
    Steven pineda天 前

    I’m still rocking the iPhone 10s max

  • Jons Sylvester
    Jons Sylvester天 前

    Big thanks to *Cyberwizard015* on Telegram for unlocking my new phone, he's really fast and trusted. I highly recommend him as the best.

  • Harman Padda
    Harman Padda天 前

    Should i buy iPhone 12 or wait

  • Salmo Mohamed
    Salmo Mohamed天 前

    Please give me iphone 11 please 😭😭😭😭😭

    FRΛNTiC天 前

    Might be selling the 12 for this

  • Marquise Thomas
    Marquise Thomas天 前

    It must be boring covering a company who hasn't upgraded its phones in years

  • Marquise Thomas

    Marquise Thomas

    14 小时 前

    @duck quax losing hardware features & not upgrading the phones much

  • duck quax

    duck quax

    14 小时 前

    Just been losing features over the years

  • Zülal Weneebebe’Army’Moa’Stay’Arianator
    Zülal Weneebebe’Army’Moa’Stay’Arianator2 天 前

    Excited for iPhone 13 I need a new phone I have this iPhone 8 Plus for 4 years now for the colors I want a mind blue sky blue color pleas pleas 🦋💎 for the pro models pleas

  • Athena Rins
    Athena Rins2 天 前

    IPHONE 13 rumoured yo be release this year Me: watching on my iphone 5s: 🤧

  • THE Filmore

    THE Filmore

    天 前

    Get a New Phone - The NEW iPhone SE costs $400 and the old one only about $50 on ebay

  • Melvin O. Mercado
    Melvin O. Mercado2 天 前

    Im waiting fpr iphone 13 but if not full screen i would not buy it..

  • Aimal Khan FaserlaI
    Aimal Khan FaserlaI2 天 前

    OLED display should come otherwise it is stupid

  • Zexu
    Zexu2 天 前

    Should I upgrade to the 13 from my 11 or wait for the 14 if it isn’t a good upgrade?

  • Zexu


    2 天 前

    @Rohan Chris ok thanks

  • Rohan Chris

    Rohan Chris

    2 天 前

    I phone 11 is pretty good for now, Maybe you can wait for the 14. There is no major improvement or benefits to switch from 11 to 13.

  • Paul F Thompkins
    Paul F Thompkins2 天 前

    No one does it better than *calce_micheal* on I g ,he’s the best

  • Paul F Thompkins
    Paul F Thompkins2 天 前

    No one does it better than *calce_micheal* on I g ,he’s the best

  • Zav17
    Zav172 天 前

    You kinda look like joe goldberg

  • platinumGAMING
    platinumGAMING2 天 前

    hi there been watching u forever now quick question is there anyway u can remove activation lock for free

  • platinumGAMING


    2 天 前

    I brought a XS but its locked and apple can't help me is there anything u can do

  • A D
    A D2 天 前

    sticking with my XR till flip phone

  • Dev Ono
    Dev Ono2 天 前

    My fav iPhone is 4s white. I have now an iPhone 6 in gold since 2015 and due to its age I went to some shops to check for a new phone, but I don’t really like the new iPhone designs unfortunately ☹️ My husband has the XS Max and he is kinda pushing me to get a new phone, but “No Ma’am!”😂 After the 8 plus models, I was a bit disappointed 😔

  • Nene Ray
    Nene Ray2 天 前

    I hope they will have a lavender purple pro max or a Barbie pink

  • Steve Crypto
    Steve Crypto2 天 前


  • VinVal
    VinVal2 天 前

    Well, guess my iPhone 12 Pro is my last Apple phone. My SAAB doesn't have all that fancy shit for Wifi/Apple CarPlay for my stereo. Without the capability to use and Aux I'm out.

  • Big Chole
    Big Chole2 天 前

    When dumbshit thinks 30 dollar is nothing for a shitty case! ITS 3HRS OF SOMEONES LIFE WORKING!

  • Rahat Afridi
    Rahat Afridi2 天 前

    can you gift me iphone 12pro max i really like you and i also see your videos and love from Pakistan so my plz one iphone 12pro max you gift me if you see my comment and fast inform me bro❤

  • Rahat Afridi
    Rahat Afridi2 天 前

    can you gift me iphone 12pro max i really like you and i also see your videos and love from Pakistan so my plz one iphone 12pro max you gift me if you see my comment and fast inform me bro❤

  • Rahat Afridi
    Rahat Afridi2 天 前

    you send the mobile for other country that you.make many videos

  • Rahat Afridi
    Rahat Afridi2 天 前

    you send the mobile for other country that you.make many videos

  • Rahat Afridi
    Rahat Afridi2 天 前

    Iphone My Favorite Mobile 😊

  • Rahat Afridi
    Rahat Afridi2 天 前

    Iphone My Favorite Mobile 😊

  • Lagod
    Lagod2 天 前

    Twitter is making me very mad. A leak was confirmed and now everyone thinks the iPhone 13 is released 🤦‍♂️

  • Dee Steve
    Dee Steve2 天 前

    This guy used to be so excited now he's seems blah, tim cooks apple is not steve jobs apple, two different men two different brains, steve thought of innovation , tim cook has a degree in business and looks to save a dollar or make a dollar , no innovation!!..Innovation sounds like spending money to tim cook, these "maybes" for iphone are features android has had for years , as an example right now on my note 20 ultra , I'm watching CNboth and on twitter , on the same screen....the screen splits horizontal and vertical , insane right! I can make youtube take up most of the screen 75% and have twitter take up 25% and vice versa and that's with everything not just youtube , watch a movie and surf web SAME SCREEN...I used to love apple but not anymore I will never be used by a company and KNOW it!✌️

  • BallinHard98
    BallinHard982 天 前

    Lets remove the port so no one can use apple car play anymore. That makes sense. I call bullshit.

  • Lagod


    2 天 前

    Apple removed the headphone jack so no one could use wired headphones so they released the AirPods. Sounds like it might happen. And if you watch the video from mkbhd he shows why it might actually happen

  • Enddy Balbi
    Enddy Balbi2 天 前

    About freaking time I been waiting for something really different in iphones altho late to the game but a 120hz was very necessary in a pro model

  • JnglJedi
    JnglJedi2 天 前

    let me summarize for you. go to macrumor.

  • Savij
    Savij2 天 前

    Apple: "Here's EVERYTHING, again, that not only Android users have already been celebrating for years, with more customization options as well, but...EVERYTHING we should have put in your iPhone 12...as long as you get the most EXPENSIVE option, of course!" God...what a terrible con artist company...Apple consumers are true enablers.

  • S K
    S K2 天 前

    My iPhone 12pro drains battery like any and screen freezes; it happened after 2recent iOS updates! pls comment what to do!

  • Nate Ford
    Nate Ford2 天 前

    EVERYONE: Apple, please switch the port to USB-C! APPLE: Ya know what? No ports for you.

  • Marquise Thomas

    Marquise Thomas

    天 前


  • Alam Mahmood
    Alam Mahmood2 天 前

    So no charging port. Will the wireless charging be as fast as fast charging port? Can't actually use phone while charging then. I don't like this feature

  • EverythingEmily


    天 前

    How would this work with apple car play for cars where you need to be plugged in for apple car play to activatr

  • Prince Anozie

    Prince Anozie

    天 前

    @Seb H you can't use the phone while wirelessly charging bro..

  • Seb H

    Seb H

    天 前

    Why cant you use the phone while charging? It doesnt need to be one of those big things you have on your desk.

  • Jenova
    Jenova2 天 前

    money milking garbage, iphone 14 will be out soon too

  • Darkburd
    Darkburd2 天 前

    So glad I skipped the 12 I’ve been saving for something this might be what I get I’ve had a 7 for like 3 years almost

  • mdnor matnor
    mdnor matnor2 天 前

    Should be a different spec If iPhone 12 pro max 6.7/battery 3+++ mah IPhone 13 pro max should be 6.9./Battery 4+++mah

  • Christine M
    Christine M2 天 前

    wireless charging is already a no. i really wanted to upgrade too, might just go with the 12.

  • Itachi_17
    Itachi_173 天 前

    The notch is still there😒😒😒

  • Kojo Salty
    Kojo Salty3 天 前

    Waiting for iPhone 31 😔.. Damn....

    KC ROLLINS3 天 前

    Love listening to MKBHD and JP and Zone of tech and Mrwhosetheboss etc but this guy is also the real deal. Very tech savvy and lettered. Cool dude

  • SNIPER 221
    SNIPER 2213 天 前

    Always on is pointless, had it for years on Samsungs and never used it. Can we not get rid of the silence button on the side it’s old tech, put it in the control centre.

  • Jo4r R.Ildgruben
    Jo4r R.Ildgruben3 天 前

    Can you please do a Pokémon go hack

  • Antonio Beltran
    Antonio Beltran3 天 前

    Don’t buy the new iPhones without charging port, lets protest!

  • Nono B

    Nono B

    2 天 前


  • Its Music
    Its Music3 天 前

    7:51 was that a voice crack

  • Tomas Dinh
    Tomas Dinh3 天 前

    So how am I gonna use headphones with a jack?

  • VenyDorgas
    VenyDorgas3 天 前

    Everyone: remove the annoying notch Apple: ok let's remove charger port😉👍 Also apple fans: apple keep removing stuff but I'ma still buy it🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️

  • LXSE


    20 小时 前

    Yep it’s cause the iPhone is safer than androids and just better screens but Apple is so expensive for no reason but it’s whatever I like iPhones more just everything looks better and it’s nicer and faster.

  • VenyDorgas
    VenyDorgas3 天 前

    While y'all complaining about the charger port, don't worry apple just doing ps5 move, making 2 version like charger port and digital iphone

  • Muhammad Hashim
    Muhammad Hashim3 天 前

    Where are you man?? Miss you

  • Ramzeis777
    Ramzeis7773 天 前

    I'd really like to try an iPhone, it's closer to Android now, but that notch, nah

  • Nick D
    Nick D3 天 前

    I have the Xr and I’m probably going to wait for the iPhone 14 or 15. Hopefully by then they will actually innovate

  • Axth6ny


    3 天 前

    Damn you're going to be waiting for a while

  • Alec Nowra
    Alec Nowra3 天 前

    Someone should tell the apple company to use it's money to save the environment, and not it's product. Maybe would gain more users.

  • jhen jhen
    jhen jhen3 天 前

    Return my 12 pro max for iPhone 13🤗

  • Social Architect
    Social Architect3 天 前


  • Ricky Stelzer
    Ricky Stelzer3 天 前

    Chat A little off topic but I just received my phone rebel gen 2 case and let me tell you THIS IS IT! the magnets blow Apple’s cases out of the water and the feel and fit is premium! It truly is the best case on the market.



  • Rodog
    Rodog3 天 前

    Me work for appl

  • اخبار الأفلام Movies news
    اخبار الأفلام Movies news3 天 前

    I really wish my life got an iPhone 12, help me get a device I love you from Tunisia 🥺💔

  • Procraft 6
    Procraft 63 天 前

    Is this channel are your cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/nnibq7Cgqdaks7A.html

  • Darsan
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  • Explorer


    天 前

    Odin loves you too. And Horus. And Buddha. And Krishna. And Zeus. And all the gods before them. All 5000+ of them.

  • ItzEu Bb

    ItzEu Bb

    2 天 前

    God bless you, Amen!!

  • Duke


    2 天 前

    God bless you!

  • AllNiteDontStop
    AllNiteDontStop3 天 前

    Been following for a long time! Forbes has used this a large reference for the upcoming iPhone 13! So cool